Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our First Week of Kindergarten!!!

 We had a great first week together. Our class did a great job together, and we already have made many friends.

During the first week, we launch many of our workshops. Each day, we will do Reader's Workshop and Math Workshop. (We also do Writer's Workshop daily. Look for those pictures next week.) As we begin learning what the Workshop looks like for us, we practice all together. We introduced some Math manipulatives and sent students off to begin exploring. Their job during this time was to practice using Math Talk. They tried to use the manipulatives and do "math things" with them. They did great at using what they already knew to accomplish this.
"I made a pattern!"

"I only need 2 more to fill this space!"

"I built 2 towers. They are the same size."

"I made a pattern too."

"I made a seven!" 
 Fun with names! We also learned about our names. We know that when we write our name we put a capital letter and the rest are lowercase. We read the book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. In the story after the letters fall out of the tree, the mamas and the papas (capital letters) run to help all of the little letters (lowercase letters) up. We practiced putting our capital letter first and then making sure the rest of name (in most cases) is written in lowercase letters.
We played the name game and then students decorated their name plate.

Very hard workers!

Here we all are practicing writing our name with a  capital letter first and the rest lowercase.

Learning about letters...Hmmm? Which letter is next?

Rainbow writing our names.

Building letters using curvy lines and straight sticks.

Letter and sound puzzles

Name envelopes

Building our names 

Our first class book!!! 

Gluing our name puzzles down. We made sure  to put each letter in it's spot!
What a great first week!!! I am so proud of all of these busy bees!!! :)


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