Friday, September 26, 2014

Math Workshop

As we have been working with numbers 0-5, students have been problem solving, thinking about numbers flexibly, and counting! 

Here we are playing Break the Train. One partner holds a 5 stick of cubes behind their back and then breaks it. They hold one part behind their and show their partner the remaining part. The partner has to determine how many cubes are behind their partner's back!
We have also been learning how to show different ways to make the same number. Students matched as many dominoes as they could to show each number.

We have also been comparing sets of numbers throughout the past couple of weeks. We played One Less Bingo to show that we can think about numbers mentally. Students had to mark the number that is one less! Our brains were definitely on to play this challenging game!
Great job mathematicians!

Telling Stories Through Our Pictures

Last week we learned during Writer's Workshop, that we can add characters to our pictures when write. Our pictures help the reader understand details about what we wrote. Pictures help to tell the story! We used this anchor chart to help draw characters. 
This week we have been adding the setting to our pictures. Check out some of our pieces! Look at the writing that is beginning! I am so proud of my writers!

Writing Numbers

Here is a copy of our Number Poems. We use these to help us form our numbers correctly! The 2 and the 5 can be tricky to make. Number reversals ( flipping numbers backward) are age appropriate at this time. This should correct over time with a good amount of exposure.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thanks Mr. Mangona!

Xander's dad paid us a visit today to celebrate College Week! Mr. Mangona attended a military college and got to drive an amphibious craft in the Marines. 
He studied Chemistry! After college, he began working in a paint manufacturing plant. He even showed us how the paint is made! 

Thanks again! We had a great time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thanks Mrs. Snow!

Landrey's mom came to visit us to talk about where she went to college. Mrs. Snow is a violinist. She teaches kids how to play the violin and plays the violin at weddings. She got out her violin and played it for us! It was amazing! Mrs. Snow taught us that we can do things we LOVE to do! We can do anything we want to do!

Thanks Mrs. Lang!

Maddox's mom came to talk us about her college experience. We learned so much about UT. We know that Bevo is the school mascot. He is REAL Longhorn. We learned the hook 'em sign, what alumni means, and that there's even a bowling alley in the student union! 
We are so excited to go to college! Thanks for sharing Mrs. Lang!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Olweus Kickoff: Sept. 25th 8:30 am

Join us as we launch Olweus! 
On Mondays we will be meeting together as a classroom community to discuss and share ideas on treating everyone in our lives with respect. Students will participate in short class meetings based on admirable character traits. 

Yellow Color Song

Orange Color Poem

Red Color Poem

Monday, September 15, 2014

Independent Reading

We have been hard at work during Independent Reading! Students are beginning to see that they are indeed readers! We learned that readers read for a variety of purposes. 

We also learned that everyone around us reads. Ms. Bennett reads articles about learning, the news, and of course, books. Mr. I reads tons of emails. Ms. Biamont  reads book reviews and signs on her way to school. 

We learned that as readers we read a lot of things other than books! 

We talked about where we liked to read at home and what independent reading would look like at school. Students got their reading spots chosen all around the room and we began reading!

The next week we introduced and modeled ways to read a book. Students practiced understanding a story by studying the pictures. They also practiced reading the words they knew on each page.

We will continue reading everyday! Practice makes perfect!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our First Science Experiment---Rainbow Milk!

The first few weeks of school we set up our Science Notebooks, learned about what Scientists do, and what we will do as Kindergarten Scientists. A big part of this launching unit is learning how to observe changes. We learned how to draw like a scientist. In table groups, students added drops of food coloring around the edge of a milk-filled plate. The next Scientist dipped a Q-tip into dish soap and then pressed the Q-tip into the center of the plate. The colors began to swirl and move around the plate! Together they observed the changes that took place and drew what they saw.

Hooray for Grandparents Day!

We had a blast with our Grandparents and visitors last Friday! Thanks for coming!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

College Week Is On It's Way! Sept. 15th-19th

During the week of College Week, we will celebrate lifelong learning! We will have visitors come speak to our children about their careers and how they made their dream possible. It is a very exciting week! See below:

Tuesday: Wear navy or silver to support YOUR future high school!!! GO Lonestar!

Wednesday: Wear your favorite college shirt!

Thursday: Look forward to a bright future...Wear your favorite pair of sunglasses!

A big thanks to my volunteers for coming to visit with us!