Monday, September 15, 2014

Independent Reading

We have been hard at work during Independent Reading! Students are beginning to see that they are indeed readers! We learned that readers read for a variety of purposes. 

We also learned that everyone around us reads. Ms. Bennett reads articles about learning, the news, and of course, books. Mr. I reads tons of emails. Ms. Biamont  reads book reviews and signs on her way to school. 

We learned that as readers we read a lot of things other than books! 

We talked about where we liked to read at home and what independent reading would look like at school. Students got their reading spots chosen all around the room and we began reading!

The next week we introduced and modeled ways to read a book. Students practiced understanding a story by studying the pictures. They also practiced reading the words they knew on each page.

We will continue reading everyday! Practice makes perfect!


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