Friday, September 26, 2014

Math Workshop

As we have been working with numbers 0-5, students have been problem solving, thinking about numbers flexibly, and counting! 

Here we are playing Break the Train. One partner holds a 5 stick of cubes behind their back and then breaks it. They hold one part behind their and show their partner the remaining part. The partner has to determine how many cubes are behind their partner's back!
We have also been learning how to show different ways to make the same number. Students matched as many dominoes as they could to show each number.

We have also been comparing sets of numbers throughout the past couple of weeks. We played One Less Bingo to show that we can think about numbers mentally. Students had to mark the number that is one less! Our brains were definitely on to play this challenging game!
Great job mathematicians!


Shannon said...

wow! you continue to impress me! Thanks for being so awesome!

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